Categorically Cats


It’s Saturday, and that means. It’s time for Linda Hill’s prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday. This week’s prompt?

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “-cat-”  Use the letters at the start, middle, or end of a word and make it the subject of your post – or just use the word “cat.” Enjoy!

And rather than trying to be clever, I just took the word at face value.

cat mosaicWhen my daughter was younger, she used to ask me for a baby sister. Unbeknownst to her at the time, I had been advised against having more children since my labor and delivery with said daughter had been rather rough. Eventually, my daughter was old enough to understand that there would be no baby sister. Her solution: ask Mom for a cat, or more accurately, a kitten. That’s when Snickers came into our lives. Two other cats joined our family over the next few years: Aphrodite and Cappuccino.

Aphrodite was born to an outdoor cat, but when it was discovered she was nearly blind with other defects, she was brought into the house of the family who owned the barn she was born in. The problem with that idea was that one of the children in the house had an allergy, and the blind cat needed a home. That need happened to coincide with Kate’s request for a second cat.

Cappuccino was a rambunctious little kitten who made Curious George look almost bored. Cappuccino was a bit of a tech geek before the days of widespread cell phone use. But she was into printers and paper shredders. The sound of either one would bring the Capp running at full clip to “investigate.” She would sit next to the printer, and it would look like she was reading what came out of it. As a kitten, she’d hop right up on the edge of the paper shredder to check things out. We wanted to hire her out for spy work, as she seemed to have a knack for keeping an eye on so many things.

The other awesome thing about Cappuccino is that she took Aphrodite under her “wing.” Although Cappuccino was younger, she began mothering Aphrodite, helping with grooming and teaching her to jump onto the padded piano bench. It was like she understood that Aphro needed some help and just rose to the occasion.

When I went to grad school, Aphrodite and Cappuccino went with us, and Snickers stayed with Kate. The cats left us in reverse order, with Snickers living to a ripe cat age of nearly 18 years. Kate wrote this post for Snickers, aka Tuna after he died in February..

The pictures above are not of our cats, but of a couple of cats from Taiwan. But you can see Snickers in Kate’s post.

If you want to join in the fun, check it out at:


3 comments on “Categorically Cats

  1. I swear that tan and white cat looks just like my younger son’s cat, Lizzy. I’ve always loved cays and was so happy when my dad finally talked my mom into getting me one. I never thought to push my luck and ask for more, but I’m pretty sure I’d have traded my older brother for one, haha.

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