My Answer to This Week’s “To Do or Not to Do Tuesday”

Since I started a new feature this past week, I decided that Friday was a good day to post the answer. That way when the decision is “to do,” I’ll have the weekend to jump in with both feet. And when the answer is “not to do,” I can use my weekend for things that are already on my “go ahead” list.


This one probably won’t be much of a surprised, but I’m going to be taking on the mystery quilt challenge. I first heard about it when I was reading a post about it on Mary’s blog.

I was immediately intrigued and posted a comment which began a brief but active conversation between us.

  • Deborah says:
  •  Deborah says:
    • Go get your paint chips!! I will pester you to keep on it! It is really a ton of fun. Do read through Bonnie’s full post before you start your fabric selections.

      So I went to read Bonnie’s post and made a list of the paint chips and the fabric measurements for each. This morning, I had a little bit of time between appointments, so I stopped at Lowe’s for paint chips, and later I will start the treasure hunt for the appropriate fabrics.

      easy angleI also have to pick up a couple of special rules for making angles. This part is quite exciting because the idea of learning a new technique will help me move ahead on my quilting. I like to do a lot of my own designing, but sometimes, I am a little shy about the triangles I use. I’m hopeful that an easier triangle construction process will motivate me to use more of them in my quilts.

      Of course, I will honor the schedule I posted in my Tuesday post. Jack’s quilt still is the priority. I will be getting his quilt sandwich put together this weekend, and hopefully start quilting. I want to get it done because I want to give it to him. But I also want to get it done and give it to him because I want to start posting pictures of how cute it is turning out. But it’s still in “surprise” mode, so I can’t post pictures yet. Soon!

      In the meantime, I’m off to scout out some fabric! I won’t buy a lot today, but it will be fun to play with the new color scheme between the rest of the errands and appointments I have today.

      The great thing about this thinking “process” is that it wasn’t really a matter of “deciding” to quilt. That decision has been made over and over in the past, and it’s never been a true decision. I can’t stay away from quilting even if I think I want to try.


10 comments on “My Answer to This Week’s “To Do or Not to Do Tuesday”

  1. I see you have accepted your passion is to quilt Even though sometimes we need motivation to start. This sounds like a fun challenge, Deb

    • Yeah, although my biggest problem sometimes is starting too many new projects. But I did like the one challenge I participated in last year, so this seems like a good way to keep the quilting going. Making time for this challenge is infinitely better than not quilting at all. Thanks for the encouragement!

      • I often have several painting projects on the go, too. I lose interest with one and start another. There are many ufo’s…unfinished objects!! But I do come back to them sooner or later. This year I’ve finished lots that have sat around for tears. The ideas and preferences for colour and design also change over time? Do you have the same feeling?

  2. Congrats on making the biggest step of all!! Now, about those triangles….I have great success making half square triangles if I starch the fabric well!. I pre-wash, especially since there are some very vibrant, rich colors, like the red and black, and the starch will give life back to the fabric, and keep it from getting a little “wonky” in the process of working with the bias cut pieces. Do yourself a favor and get a roll of NEX-CARE medical tape at the local drug store. It is clear and has “ridges” on it. Some refer to it as “nurses” tape. Put several pieces on these triangle rulers. It will help you to “grip” the fabric and keep that ruler from “sliding”. Remember the fun is in the doing, and you can be a turtle or a rabbit. I look forward to seeing your fabric selections. I will be taking some late after noon photo’s of my fabric tomorrow, and will post later in the evening on my blog. I “adjusted” the colors slightly to suit me. Have fun finishing up your current project!!

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