Taiwan – 21; Michigan – 6 (It’s not sports!)

Yeah, those are centigrade temperatures as of 10:30 am (Michigan time), which means the Taiwan temperature is a nighttime temperature 13 hours in the future — 11:30 pm. For those of you who don’t do conversions, it means that at 10:30 in Michigan, it was 43 degrees here and 70 degrees in Taiwan.

During my six years in Taiwan, it rarely got below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, so when my students complained about how cold it was, or why I didn’t wear heavier coats, I often laughed and just said, “It’s no problem; I’m from Michigan.” So, this post is largely for those in Taiwan, because those of you who live in the northern US, you will likely not be that entertained by the photos I show below. But for those I left behind in Taiwan, they will be “crazily” fascinated.

frost warning 011As the seasons continue their trek through autumn, it is getting cold overnight. And in the morning, it’s cold enough that it’s like practice time for winter. This morning, I drove into work at 8:00 pm. And it was cold enough, not 6 degrees centigrade, but minus 3, or 29 degrees Fahrenheit.. Because I haven’t been here for the last several early frosts, I decided to stop the car and take a few pictures. In addition to the frost itself, you will notice that the sun is not up very high. It takes a lot longer for the sun to come up at this latitutde than it does for Taiwan. So here are a few pictures from a stop on my morning trip. For those of you in Taiwan, enjoy, ask questions, laugh if you must. The rest of you may want to avert your eyes.

frost warning 012Before we ever get snow, we get frost. What it means is that all the moisture on the morning grass freezes and looks not quite white, but almost grayish. It melts off as the temperature rises from its early morning numbers to a reasonable number by mid-morning. (It went from -3 to 6 today between 8 and 10:30 am.) this rise in temperature means that at this time of year, the frost melts by mid-morning and we are “safe” until it cools down overnight and threatens to freeze the morning moisture again.

I’ll have another view of the changing seasons for you later in the week. In the meantime, here are a few more pictures to enjoy.  🙂

frost warning 013frost warning 014frost warning 015I’m off for a cup of coffee to warm up.  More soon!