NaBloPoMo – The Best Laid Plans

rat_mouse_PNG2457In spite of the craziness of class prep, grading, increasing tutoring hours, and an impending move (and a week-long house guest), I made the seemingly insane decision to participate in NaBloPoMo in November, and commit to doing a post each day in November.

Now before you think this post is about me being too hard on myself and that I can give this up at any time, it’s not. Actually, I’m enjoying the daily posting, and I am gathering more and more ideas of things I may eventually write and post. No this post is about how when it APPEARS that I’m not on task, it would be easy to use that as an excuse to stop, and I haven’t done that.

Let me explain.

This is November 16, and if you look at my post calendar, you will see that I have 15 posts for the month. That’s because I’ve posted one every day for the first fifteen days of November. I might add this is the month with the most posts since August of 2014, and it’s only the 16th! But then if you look at my actual calendar, you will notice that four days are not “lit up”: the 1st, 6th, 9th, and 15th to be exact. But I posted every day; really I did.

So what happened. I have until midnight each day to post and have it show up on the appropriate day, right? Well, sort of. The problem — which I didn’t realize until the 9th — is that my WordPress settings are still based on the time zone in Taiwan. And most of the time, that means that noon is the new midnight for me. If I want something to post for today, I have to post by noon. But on the 9th, I finally caught on that even that wasn’t good enough, because DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME had ended! Now Taiwan is 13 hours ahead of Michigan, not 12. Crap! So what I posted for the 9th showed up on the 10th.

So, while I’ve actually posted every day, my calendar (and my “tally” postings on other blogs) have not reflected that “accomplishment.” In the past, I may have let go of the project at the first sign of resistance, because after all, I’m no longer in the running for being an official “survivor” of the challenge nor any potential prizes. Still, for me writing every day in a month after more than a year of being lukewarm about blogging is a win for me, and I’ll take it. I’m going to keep going and hit the 30 for this month, one day at a time. Even if my calendar doesn’t officially record the regularity of it.

And by the end of the month, I’ll actually change my settings to reflect my current country of residence. But no sense in messing up the pattern now. Besides, now I try to post by 11 am and keep things going in the new order.  🙂

A final note: the post for the 15th was late (and showed up on the 16th) because I didn’t care about making the 11 deadline. I’m fighting a lovely cold and figured if I just got something posted, even if it didn’t make the 11:00 cut-off, I was still “on schedule,” even if my schedule isn’t quite with the rest of the world.

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