Wordless Wednesday: 10 Things of Thankful

TenThingsBannerThis is a hybrid post, combining 10 Things of Thankful with Wordless Wednesday. The wordless part will be the ten photos (the things of thankful). But first, I want to explain a little bit, particularly for my readers in Taiwan.

The fall season (also known as autumn) is known for its colorful displays as the leaves on the trees gradually turn into glorious colors and fall onto the ground. As the leaves fall, people eventually rake them up and move them to the curbs in front of their homes. Then the leaves are picked up and recycled.

I have pictures of various stages of fall, and I decided to combine these photos with the attitude of thankfulness because we have been very blessed with unseasonably warm temperatures this fall which has made the season last even longer. After missing this season for six years, I feel extremely lucky and grateful to soak in every day of this incredible beauty. Even the piles of leaves waiting to be picked up make me smile. Autumn has always been my favorite season, and these pictures show some of the reasons why.

My Ten Things of Thankful for Wordless Wednesday


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#2SeptOct2015 006

#3SeptOct2015 075


SeptOct2015 081


shopping and cedar 016


shopping and cedar 008


shopping and cedar 011


shopping and cedar 010


SeptOct2015 152


SeptOct2015 153

“To or Not To Tuesday”: Week 3

It’s week 3, and you will be happy to know I’m not going to write about quilting today. I had something I was going to write about, but I changed it because I am in a bit of a dilemma. So, I’m going to present my question and my thoughts about it. Then I’m going to ask for comments and suggestions from the studio audience. That’s where you come in.

So here is this week’s question: To work or not to work.

Now it’s not really what it looks like. I know I am going to continue working, but the real question: “To fill out applications to seek a full-time 9 to 5 job or not to fill out applications for a full-time 9-5 job,” seemed a tad overwhelming.

So here’s the deal. I have a few places I’ve been watching for jobs–mostly in the student services area, although my dream job of being an assistant director of a writing center came through, but it meant living in a place where neither of our families lived, and at this stage of the game, that just seems unrealistic.

Here’s the thing: Whether we end up in Iowa or in Michigan, I’m not sure that looking for a full-time job is the right thing for me/us. After all, I haven’t done a job like that in a while, and like it or not, there really is age discrimination, Virginia (of Santa Claus belief variety — not the commonwealth variety).

In addition, there is so much going on in my life that I want some flexibility. I don’t want to have to be keeping track of personal time, sick time, vacation time. And extra meetings and events outside the 8-5 time slot (as needed).

I think that maybe I got it in my head that I needed a job like that because I was having trouble finding money earning opportunities. But now, that has changed a bit. And while adjunct teaching at the university is not good pay by any stretch of the imagination, the tutoring opportunities are building.

It’s still less than I could make with a “real” i.e. full-time, job, and there are no official benefits. But I do have flexibility to some degree. I also like what I’m doing, especially the tutoring. And it could lead to a few piano lessons here and there.

I have 5 – 10 years of working ahead of me (at least), and I like the idea of patching together things that keep in in contact with people who want to learn, while sandwiching in a few of my interests.

The other benefit is that if I really get focused, I might actually write some of the textbook ideas I have for helping non-native speakers of English to overcome their negative beliefs about English writing.

I know I can’t do everything I want to do, and my time becomes more limited with each passing year. But I need to be realistic about an income. Still, I don’t want to sell my soul for a few dollars. If I can get by, maybe it’s enough.

So, what say all of you dear readers of mine?


Thanks to Linda, my first official joiner to the “To or Not To Tuesday” postings. Here’s her post from last week. What about you? Are you pondering any “to do or not to do” questions? Feel free to join in.