Wordless Wednesday: 10 Things of Thankful

TenThingsBannerThis is a hybrid post, combining 10 Things of Thankful with Wordless Wednesday. The wordless part will be the ten photos (the things of thankful). But first, I want to explain a little bit, particularly for my readers in Taiwan.

The fall season (also known as autumn) is known for its colorful displays as the leaves on the trees gradually turn into glorious colors and fall onto the ground. As the leaves fall, people eventually rake them up and move them to the curbs in front of their homes. Then the leaves are picked up and recycled.

I have pictures of various stages of fall, and I decided to combine these photos with the attitude of thankfulness because we have been very blessed with unseasonably warm temperatures this fall which has made the season last even longer. After missing this season for six years, I feel extremely lucky and grateful to soak in every day of this incredible beauty. Even the piles of leaves waiting to be picked up make me smile. Autumn has always been my favorite season, and these pictures show some of the reasons why.

My Ten Things of Thankful for Wordless Wednesday


SeptOct2015 007

#2SeptOct2015 006

#3SeptOct2015 075


SeptOct2015 081


shopping and cedar 016


shopping and cedar 008


shopping and cedar 011


shopping and cedar 010


SeptOct2015 152


SeptOct2015 153

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