Three Things Thursday – November 19

three-things-thursday-widget-badgeI have seen this feature over at Nerd in the Brain’s blog for a few weeks now, where she lists three things that make her smile. A regular dose of gratitude in small doses seems to be an easy way to stay in that spirit. Every time I see one of her posts, I am drawn to do it myself. But what usually always happens is that I totally forget about it until I read her post on Friday morning. And by then, it’s not Thursday anymore. Today, however, I figured it out and was able to actually post on Thursday. So since I’m finally on track, here are three things that make me smile today:

  1. a cinnamon crunch bagel shared with my mother when I got home from tutoring
  2. the fact that I got the first van load taken over to the house for occupancy on Saturday
  3. the anticipation of cooking in my own kitchen again; it’s been a very long time.

Because of the moving component mentioned above, there aren’t photos to accompany this list, but I’ll surprise you one of these weeks.

If you want to participate the rules are pretty darn easy, and you only have to count to three. Check it out at: