Three Things Thursday

three-things-thursday-widget-badgeWith a house guest, a move, and our first winter storm, there has been a lot to smile (and do other things) about. Things are still hectic, and there are still things I can’t find, but I do like the new place. Yumi and I have been doing lots of fun things, and there will be updates later when there is less craziness. No photos for this feature yet, but since I’m still getting settled and my family is stopping by my not-yet-settled house later today, just putting a written post is something to celebrate. Am I right?  🙂

  1. It’s raining, but the snow is gone, and that is definitely worth smiling about. I’m all about experiencing winter again (sort of), but last weekend was a bit soon after all the unseasonably warm weather we were having. OK, I’m spoiled. But at least the white stuff is gone for a bit. I’m smiling.
  2. Since Saturday night was my first night in the new house, and I had a house guest to boot, we stopped and did grocery shopping. I loved it. I haven’t done real grocery shopping in nearly ten years. And I really smiled that I haven’t lost my touch for sales and saving money. Score!
  3. Tuesday evening, when I finished tutoring, the parents gave me some take-out Indian curry. YUM!
  4. Bonus: I treated myself to a couple of scented candles, and they will be lovely for this evening’s festivities. I’m especially grateful I’m not actually putting on a dinner for 20 people, but having them stop by after dinner for a Christmas celebration for the ones who can’t return next month will be fun.

Thanks to Nerd in the Brain for hosting this event. Check it out!