To or Not To Tuesday: Week 5

depositphotos_39557115-Silver-LiningThis one was kind of easy to come up with: To Give up or not to give up with this blogging stuff–at least until after the holidays.

But you know what? My holidays are pretty much done. The kids in my life had their Christmas combined with Thanksgiving (the family was all together at Thanksgiving). So I can’t use the holidays as an excuse.

I could use the end of the semester grading, combined with the online training I need to complete by next week. That’s because in addition to my two regular Intro to Criminal Justice courses I am teaching in Winter semester, I’m also doing a hybrid (half in-person/half online) Intro to Sociology course. Hence the training and the deadline.

But the real reason it is tempting to put blogging away is that the training for teaching the hybrid course is done online. And blogging is done online, and reading other people’s blogs is done online. And I am Internet-less!

It started on Friday afternoon, which meant that I had to leave home to get access.  Since I had a house guest at the time, this became rather important. Through a lot of attempts at resetting and checking with the owner of the house, we finally discovered Sunday that the Internet service had been terminated. So now, it will be re-started–but not until Thursday.

So here I am, posting the Tuesday post to keep things going, and deciding along the way that it will only be a couple more days before I have access at home again. It meant that I didn’t finish posting every day in November, but that’s not the end of the world. Because if this post had been To Get Crazy or Not to Get Crazy about the Internet glitch, not getting crazy was the natural winner.

After all, I got a lot of unpacking and settling done while I was at home. The computer wasn’t eating up much of my at home time. The silver lining prevails.

How about you? Are the holidays bringing about any “To or Not To” questions to your life? Tuesday is a good day for exploring them. Please link back so I can read of your decision-making adventures.


2 comments on “To or Not To Tuesday: Week 5

  1. Ironically, the to or not to question I have is to or not to join this prompt. I’m pretty sure that I will at some point. I won’t be a regular contributor because Tuesday is my kinda-sorta serious day. Thursday is doors and Saturday is fun, some sort of fun post. I could mix it all up – maybe that will be my to or not to.

    • You have a serious day? Just kidding. It would be fun to have you participate any time. I have a serious to or not to for next week unless something else shows up on my radar before then. I’m just glad to know that I’ll have Internet at home starting tomorrow. Then I can get back to being more involved in the blogging world.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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