Wildlife Wednesday: Snail Edition

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s the first Wednesday of the month, and that means it’s time for Tina’s monthly event, Wildlife Wednesday.

Except it’s also time to admit I’m either getting a bit forgetful, crazy, or both. I was planning to make this the last of my Taiwan wildlife features. (Although I did concoct a plan to have my Taiwanese friends send me wildlife photos to use in future posts.) But I digress.

In October, I had a Taiwanese spider. In November, I introduced  my favorite Taiwanese lizard, and today my plan was to show you a fascinating group of Taiwanese snails. Then when I went back to get my snail posting from the past, I found out that I already used it as a Wildlife Wednesday back in August and had totally forgotten it. Apparently, when I first wrote the post about the snails, it was the day after the Wildlife Wednesday for August. So I posted on a THURSDAY, and then forgot that I had done it. (UPDATE: when I went back to get the post, I realized that it was August of 2014, so now I don’t feel quite so forgetful. And I’m not taking a poll on the crazy part.  😉

Because I’m lazy some of you may not have been following me last year, and because schedule these little guys generated a lot of interest back in August, I decided to allow them a comeback all of their own. So here is a slightly edited version of my post from August.

The shell shown at the beginning of this post–now vacant–was on the ground near the “climbing snails” I am posting below. This one was much easier to photograph than the two living specimens that you will see next. Let me show you a block of photos and then I’ll explain what you’re seeing.

mosaicIn the top row, the first picture shows one of two snails as it’s climbing a wall. I don’t normally consider my husband wildlife, but he took a photo of his hand to demonstrate the size of these bricks. This is significant because, as you can see from the bottom row, these little guys are up quite a few of those bricks–several hand lengths from the ground.

At the time(s) that these photos were taken (plural because they really are slow creatures, although their progress up this wall was amazing), I was in a classroom teaching a writing class. Once my husband pointed out his current photographic interest, I went over to the window to see them. They weren’t quite at eye level, but they were close. BUT I wasn’t on the first floor! I was in a second floor classroom. These two crazies were a story and a half up from the ground.

WHY?  I have no idea!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMaybe one said to the other, “Race you to the top.” But wow, what a long way to go. And how do they get down? And . . . .

And we eventually had to leave, so the photographic story is incomplete, but they were an interesting pair to keep an eye on for those couple of hours.

Finally, one closer look at one of the pair. I hope he made it home ok.


When I originally posted the above, I got lots of comments and questions, so I did some research about the crazy guys. So if you’re interested in learning more about their climbing ways, you can check it out here.





4 comments on “Wildlife Wednesday: Snail Edition

  1. Hi Deborah! I assume the bricks are standard size? If so, wow! Those snails are quite big. There’s nothing like that here, so I guess it’s not true that everything is bigger in Texas. 🙂 Thanks for joining in–it’s always a pleasure!

    • My classroom window was several feet from that wall, and I could still see them from the podium. I like discovering unexpected creatures in the course of an otherwise “normal” day. 🙂

    • Some of those crazies actually try to go over buildings instead of around them. But then, maybe I shouldn’t believe everything I read. But it was sure an interesting site. Luckily, I was in that classroom for two hours, so I could see measurable progress over the time my class was in session.

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