Three Things Thursday (December 3)

three-things-thursday-widget-badgeIf you want to join in on this feature, head over to Nerd in the Brain and check it out. It has a cool badge and everything.

My first thing is that I’m writing this post today, after writing a post yesterday. Which could mean any number of things, but the reason it’s significant and why I’m including it as one of my three things is that I’ve been without the internet for five days. And today that all changed! I am back in the 21st century, and happy to be here.

The second thing is that when I logged on to Facebook on said newly-acquired internet, I found this picture in a message from my daughter.

logan mattress

This is my grandson Logan, who will be five next month. He is sitting on his new mattress, using it as a playground. The frame for the bed will be put together this weekend, but last night, Logan slept on his new mattress for the first time.

logan mattress 2

Kate said that normally, Logan wakes her up, but today, the tables were turned. Apparently, he was sleeping so well, that he asked her, “Why you waking me up?”

It was a great message to find on my first time back on internet at home.  ❤

The third Thursday thing is that now that we are officially in December, I can start doing the official countdown until I go to Iowa to visit my husband. In fact, when I write my Thursday post two weeks from now, I will do it from that fine state. It’s been a long 4+ months since seeing Dave. As many of you know, phones and internet just aren’t a reasonable substitute for the real thing. I’m so excited that I will soon have almost three weeks with him.


Bonus: you get to see a photo from Taiwan. Partly because the last time Dave and I saw each other was when we were in Taiwan. Soon we will have our US reunion.

So there you have it: another edition of Three Things Thursday. See you next time.


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