A Huge Sigh of Relief

snoopyI had some routine blood work done this morning. It wasn’t always a big deal, but I worked really hard not to get stressed out this morning as I completed the 12 hour fast and headed to the lab.

You see the last time I had blood drawn was while I was in Taiwan. And when I did, I passed out. Totally. As in freaking everyone out (including my husband). They even did some tests and had a cardiologist check on me before releasing me. Pretty embarrassing, but pretty scary.

This was weird because I had had other work done in Taiwan. In fact, I even had knee surgery there in 2011. So it wasn’t because I was in Taiwan, at least not entirely. The emergency room setting where the blood was taken was kind of busy, and the holder of the needle didn’t speak English, so I couldn’t communicate that I was feeling a bit funny. And boom, I was gone.

So, I wasn’t looking forward to today’s blood draw. I mean, I realize most people don’t look forward to such things, but I had a hard time keeping my anxiety in check. However, I was determined to keep myself calm and not create trouble. I figured if I told the technician the situation, she’d help out. And I was right. I got to lie down for the process, and she was careful and gentle, and when she told me I’d feel the poke, it was minor and she got what she needed with good speed. I couldn’t have been happier. I only wish I had gotten her name. But she knows that she made my day a good one. And she told me she was glad she could contribute to my good day.

What about you? Do you have any issues with minor medical procedures? I’m willing to concede I may be a bit odd.Ā  šŸ˜‰



17 comments on “A Huge Sigh of Relief

  1. It is perfectly normal to sometimes feel stress before having a medical procedure even relatively minor ones. I get stress if I have to have my blood pressure taken , white coat syndrome . It a dr or nurse approaches me with a blood pressure machine it goes sky high!!

    • Thanks, Holly! I didn’t get good news right away, but it turned out that the results were quite good when I did get them. I was just happy that there was no drama over the blood draw. The ER went crazy last time. šŸ˜‰

  2. I’m glad it went well.
    When I had the blood test for my marriage license, the lady who did it hadn’t had a lot of practice, and she made me a beautiful blood fountain and I fainted. I didn’t have another fountain for more than 10 years, when my oral surgeon stuck the IV in. I had already been given a large dose of some sedative, so I wished him the best of luck with that and then passed out. lol
    We’re prolly both a lil weird, or unlucky!

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