If We Were Having Coffee: The stress of moving

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If we were having coffee,

the house and misc 053I’d first tell you that this is my first full day in my “new house.” To re-cap, this isn’t a permanent residence. In fact, I don’t even know how long I’ll be here. The owners of the house have been kind enough to let me stay here through the process of readying the house for market and putting it up for sale. So, I may only be here a few months. Spring may find me looking for a new place to live.

the house and misc 056In the meantime, I’m trying to make it home. And today is day 16 that I’ve technically lived here, and it’s the first day that I plan to be here all day without going out. So laundry, making a crock pot dinner, unpacking the things I brought over from my parents’ house. (I visited them yesterday.) The two pictures are of their sitting room, which I will use for my creative endeavors: writing, quilting, zentangle, and whatever else I dream up. Surprisingly, not much time has been spent here yet, but with the new year, that will change.

I have been doing quite well with grocery shopping, fixing food, and just generally feeling like I’m creating a space that fits me.

If we were having coffee,

I’d tell you that we are in the last week of classes, and for me that means a more relaxed role in the classroom, as the students have the job of presenting their projects, and I just sit and watch.  🙂

If we were having coffee,

I’d tell you that next semester, I’ll be teaching two sections of Intro to Criminal Justice course, but now the Sociology department has also asked me to teach a class–a hybrid version of Intro to Sociology. I LOVE teaching Intro to Soc, even more than Intro to Criminal Justice, and the hybrid format (face-to-face classes in the first four weeks and last four weeks, with online classes the middle 7 weeks).

But what that meant is that I needed to complete the online facilitator training by the end of this weekend. No problem, right? I was only moving, having a house guest, finalizing the end-of-semester stuff, working on grades. What’s one more deadline among friends?  😉

The good news is I have three “activities” to post to my online development course to show that I know how to do said functions, and I’m finished. Yay!

If we were having coffee,

I’d also tell you that I’ve written a lot of blog posts in my head in the last couple of days, but nothing is coming to fruition . . . yet. I keep wavering on what I want to do with some of it. And I think I’m also finally just coming to terms with all the stress and adjustment of the last few months, especially in light of the latest move. Don’t get me wrong. I’m very happy to be in this space. I’m just feeling the stress. Which may explain the flare-up of minor depression and anxiety.

If we were having coffee,

I’d leave you with this happy piece of information. It’s only ten days until I fly to Iowa to spend three weeks with my husband. I’m so excited. And hopefully, it will give me just the break I need to come back and tackle the new semester with a little less of the depression and anxiety hanging around.

I hope you had a good week. See you next time.


3 comments on “If We Were Having Coffee: The stress of moving

  1. Very full life! Full of exciting stuff! Great that you can basically house-sit for the next few months and I hope that you can find a way to make this place home for as long as you are there. The classes sound really cool. Sociology is an interesting thing to study and I hope that your students are ready to learn!

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