Building Rome: Offsite in Iowa

buildingromelogo-final3I haven’t participated in Building Rome in a while, but I have a three week block of time that needs some structure and accountability, and Bradley’s brainchild has provided that to me in the past, and it’s time to take advantage of the tool he offers. It’s awfully quiet in Rome at the moment, but that will not deter me. I need some cheering on to get through the to-do list that will frame my life over the next three weeks.


This is finals week for the fall semester, and I took advantage of that fact to scurry away as soon as I was finished with classes. And for the first time in 4 1/2 months, my husband and I are finally in the same place again. So these three weeks are focusing on our time together, but I still have a few projects to get done in preparation for the new semester that begins on January 11.


This picture is from our last couple weeks in Taiwan, which was the last time we were together until yesterday. It’s much nicer being in the same place again.  ❤

It’s already Thursday, and there will be another post on Monday, but heck, I’ll post the master list today, and then update progress each of the next three Mondays. From there, I’ll move on to some of the goals I have for the new year.



  • Review comments and suggestions from agency before beginning new draft
  • Prepare a sample chapter for discussion
  • Set a chapter by chapter plan for completion
  • Prepare a list of recommendations for reduction of length


  • Finish letter for summer plan
  • Write two thank you notes to students I tutor
  • Create a blogging plan
  • Map next writing project


  • Revise syllabus for Intro to Criminal Justice Course
  • Create syllabus for Intro to Sociology course
  • Create Modules for the 7 weeks of the online portion of the course
  • Check for access to the course shell; otherwise, use developmental course space
  • Submit grades for fall semester


  • Set up sewing machine that’s here
  • Sew jelly roll together to make small sample piece to practice machine quilting
  • Practice machine quilting
  • Machine quilt Jack’s quilt
  • Sew binding on Jack’s quilt
  • Take a few photos!


  • Enjoy time with Dave
  • Pay bills
  • Enjoy more time with Dave





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