One Liner Wednesday: More From Logan

Logan 3_5A couple weeks ago, I posted Logan’s revision of the ABC song, Facebook reminded me of something he said last year at this time, when he was a month away from turning four. He was all about using an old cell phone for some rather interesting imaginary conversations with all kinds of people. He would then repeat said conversations to his mother, who often shared them with me. So, in the spirit of Christmas, here is what Logan was busy with last Christmas.

“I helped Santa. I gave him a ride in my dune buggy. But then we hit a deer and had to fix it.”

Here is a second one-liner from the same conversation. I know it’s more than one one-liner, but it’s Christmas!  🙂

“I’m going to get a bell too, and put in on a reindeer.”

It kind of makes you wonder if the reindeer was  the “deer” involved with the dune buggy incident.

This post is part of Wednesday One-Liners. Head over and visit Linda Hill to join in.


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