A Round of Words in 80 Days (#ROW80) Goals for Round 1 of 2016

ROW80LogocopyI’ve learned through a lot of different experiences that writing down my goals and being accountable helps me achieve what I’m after. So with the new year, I’ve decided to join Row80. It’s claim is that it’s “A Writing Challenge that knows you have a life.” You set goals for 80 days at a time, with weekly check-ins. Weekly check-ins work well for me. Enough to keep me moving without being too overwhelming in reporting. The first round 1 of 2016 begins today, January 4. And I’m jumping in.

Much of this first round of 80 days focuses on editing projects for others and planning activities for my own writing, which will emerge as writing goals in Round 2. My other goals include figuring out the shape I want my blog to take, determining the other creative outlets I will pursue, and becoming more settled in a new home. Specifically, I will target the following:

Finish Accreditation Editing  (DEADLINE: January 30)
This project is going well. Ten of 15 chapters pretty much finished. The other five are well under-way. I have a meeting next week to finalize the recommendations. Then I can finish.

Finish Co-Authored Paper  (DEADLINE: January 11)
I’m waiting for my co-author to respond to my last take on the revision. This is relatively low-stress at this point, since we are largely in agreement about how to incorporate recommended revisions.

Finish planning courses and upload materials to website
I have to update my assignments and projects for Intro to Criminal Justice, but the Intro to Sociology will take a little more effort. I haven’t taught this course in a few years, and it’s a hybrid course (a few in-person meetings and the rest online).

Post on blog 25 days in January
I hope to publish something on my blog every day, but it’s better for me to exceed the goal than to miss it by one or two days. The January posts do not fit a specific theme. In fact, there is no real plan other than to experiment with all kinds of things, and see if anything sticks. Which leads to the next goal.

Create  a Blogging Plan
I am not talking about looking for a niche. I’ve made peace with the fact I don’t have to write about one or two topics and leave out things that don’t fit those topics. I admire people who have niche blogs, but as long as my life remains as eclectic as it is, I can’t expect my blog to be different. I’ll be looking for a couple of focal points for my life, but not necessarily for my blog. Still, I want to have a plan for publishing with a list of possible post topics and a rough schedule for doing so.

Read Draft Novels (TBA)

Work Out a Weekly Schedule
With all the various activities I need to do in a week, I need to schedule routine activities like grading, course prep, tutoring review, writing, and personal time. No reason to waste thinking time on remembering and scheduling these activities over and over.

Finish Jack’s Quilt
I’m ready to start the machine quilting. I want to have the quilt delivered to my grandson and then post pictures online (my daughter-in-law wants to be surprised), so no posting until the quilt is delivered.  😉

Piece the back of Kate’s quilt
My daughter has given me until her 30th birthday to finish it, but I’m going to see how many months ahead I can manage to beat that deadline. (She’ll be 29 the lst of March.)

Get back into regular music activities
I got a call about scheduling some dates to play at a church nearby, and once I get back into it by working with them, I can be on a wider sub-list. this is one of those two-birds-with-one-stone kind of things. I want to brush up on my skills, and earning a little extra money will be good. Who knows, I may even pick up a couple of piano students.

Determine longer range goals
I want to make this year really focused toward specific goals, but I haven’t yet really defined what those will be. The first half of Row 1 is going to be focused on creating a plan that will carry me through the year.

I’m sure there will be adjustments as I go, but this seems like a good place to begin. I’m off and running!




10 comments on “A Round of Words in 80 Days (#ROW80) Goals for Round 1 of 2016

  1. That’s a lot of great goals! I think the 80 days at a time works well and I look forward to seeing your success with it! I’m also glad you decided to not niche your blog. Everyone thinks I need to go niche and I’m like, “Really? But then my blog can’t grow with me!” I’m always changing and growing and doing new things. I like that my blog does the same!

  2. I love your goals – and, remember, ROW80 lets you change them at any time, as often as you need to, which will maybe be very useful as you get a better sense of things.

    My blog’s niche is the title – Lovely Chaos. That frees me up to write everything (including Vulcans!), and, so long as I do it with an eye toward the beauty in it, I’m fine. Which, of course, means that my life tends to stay focused on the positive, even while entropy is having its way with me. And that’s a handy thing!

    Best of luck as you begin the new year with renewed focus. I’ll be popping by (with both my ROW80 sponsor and friend hats on) to see how it all goes for you (and I’ll be posting my goals, a bit late, before today is over).

    • I like the flexibility, and interestingly, it helped me to actually focus more on what I really want to do rather than what I think I can check off. If it turns out to be more than I should or could be doing, I can change. However, I suspect that that flexibility will provide just the motivation I need to keep going even if it gets tempting to adjust. It will be interesting to see. 🙂

      Looking forward to your Round 1 goals. 🙂

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