To or Not To Tuesday: Week 10

jjj-2016It’s Tuesday, and for me, that means it’s time for another To or Not To Tuesday, in which I pose a question about something I may or may not do, and then spend a paragraph or five talking through the decision that becomes obvious by the end of the post. The irony, of course, is that there is really no decision to be made, once everything is out on the WordPress table.

Well, this is week ten, and aside from a few awesome people who have made comments about what they may or may not do, and one reblog (thanks, Linda), my idea about posing To Do or Not To Do questions didn’t seem to catch fire. Which leads to this week’s question:

So for Week 10, the To or Not to Tuesday question is To Continue or Not Continue the To or Not to Tuesday.

I don’t think very many paragraphs are needed for this one. I had fun. I explored some ideas that I might otherwise just have mulled about without actually processing them. But with my theme for the new year: “make peace with your broken pieces” and my word for the year: direction, I think I can move through the process of finding my inner wisdom with much better filters, and that I don’t really need this weekly post anymore. Besides, I never had a banner for it. (Hey maybe! To or Not To Make a . . . . oh never mind!)  😉

Thanks to everyone who visited those posts. I appreciated your input on my mythical dilemmas. And I guess we’ll see what crazy things I come up with in 2016.

This post is for day 5 of JusJoJan.