Wildlife Wednesday: More Taiwanese Wildlife

For last month’s Wildlife Wednesday, I posted the last of my wildlife photos from Taiwan. When I did, I also asked my friends and former students to consider sending me some of their photos of Taiwan’s wildlife, and Fu-Ting, a student in my Advanced English course last year, came through for me. So today, I have some photos of her sister, Ying-Ting (English name, Linda) and a few photos of wildlife they observed in Miaoli, which is a city not too far from Taoyuan, where I lived while in Taiwan.

There are four creatures here, and I’ve arranged them in order of creep factor. So we’ll start out with two creatures that are pretty safe, and I’ll offer warnings before we head into places some of you may not want to go.

I don’t know official names for the creatures here (other than Fu-Ting’s sister), but our first one is a cute little amphibian they snapped in the water.

 Futing 1

Next up, we have a praying mantis or two. Though in this first picture, you have to look for it. Good camouflage. HINT: A praying mantis can change from green to brown, depending on its surroundings.

futing 5

Here’s Cindy with a lovely green specimen.  🙂 To be honest, I don’t know if it’s the same one as above or not. Since the praying mantis can change color, it’s possible these are two photos of the same praying mantis. I could ask Fu-Ting if you really want to know.  😉

Futing 6

If you’re not a spider person, you might want to stop here. But it’s hard not be in awe of this little guy. Not much to look at in terms of flash, but what lovely structure and you’ve got to love those legs.

Futing 4

Our last critter might be considered by some to be the creepiest of the bunch. But notice, Linda thinks it’s pretty cool!  🙂 So if you’re squeamish about crabs, you need to stop now. Especially, if you get creeped out about someone holding one. But hey, it’s a small one! 🙂


Futing 3

And now for a close-up of this little guy!  🙂

Futing 2

I hope you enjoyed a few more specimens from Taiwan’s wildlife. I’d like to thank Fu-Ting (who I suspect stays behind the camera instead of getting up close and personal with these things); her sister, Ying-Ting, for showing us such a great variety of wildlife; and Tina at My Gardener Says for hosting Wildlife Wednesday.



32 comments on “Wildlife Wednesday: More Taiwanese Wildlife

  1. Great photos. I love it when folks are willing to post about critters that aren’t just “purdy” but maybe icky looking. They need love too! Or, at least some respect. Thanks for posting again with wildlife from Taiwan.

    • Thanks, Tina! It was fun to take what she sent and introduce them. I’ve put in another request to former students. We’ll see if anyone jumps in before next month. 🙂

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