More Good News! Not all Meetings are Bad

snoopyToday was the first day of the new semester. I had all three of my classes today, so it was a busy day. The hybrid class meets five times in person before moving to online, so this week and next, I have three classes a day. It is a little draining, but I do really like teaching, so I eventually recuperate. Plus, in a couple of weeks, I will only teach two classes those two days, and will do the online course mostly . . . well, online. But I can do it on other days. For now, it makes sense to have all three on the same day, but yeah, I’m feeling it.

Except something good happened today that kind of ramped up the energy. If you have been keeping up on my insane schedule, you know that I’m working on a major editing project, and that it’s due at the end of the month. You may also remember that I said I had to meet with the VP of the organization before I could finish it. Well, I met with him before my classes today. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to the meeting, because, well, . . . meeting.

But today’s meeting was different. It was full of good news. I’m on track with things the way I’m doing them. His request wasn’t about the material I was sending, but that he wanted me to do an additional project for him. That one gives me some additional money, but more importantly, he told me that he negotiated a significant increase in the stipend I am being paid for the big project. Enough to pay a couple months’ rent on the new place!

All sorts of awesome!



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