One Liner Wednesday: A Day Late

Wednesday was kind of a lost cause, more to follow on that, but today (the second day of my Intro to Criminal Justice courses, I had a student come up to me to say:

“Thank you for being a not-boring teacher.”

I’ll take it.  😀



This post is part of One-Liner Wednesday and JusJoJan (Day 13)


5 comments on “One Liner Wednesday: A Day Late

  1. What a lovely compliment. Considering most students actually hate going to school nowadays and talk badly of their teachers, I’d say that having that told to you is fantastic on many accounts: 1) you’ve captured their attention (usually one speaks for a group and they would have delegated a person to speak) 2) it means you are perceived as approachable and therefore someone they can actually talk to – which is becoming rarer by the day 3) the student actually cared enough to make you feel better by that sentence.
    Kudos to you, you’re doing your job right 🙂

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