What Happened? SoCS 1/16/16

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “what.”  Start your post with the word “What.” Bonus points if the final word of your post starts with a “w.”  Have fun!

hand lights turkeys 008.JPG“What happened?” is the question I’ve been greeted with most often over the last four days. It turns out that when your hand is all bandaged up, it tends to be quite the conversation starter. The question was asked when I got to my tutoring appointment on Wednesday afternoon. It was asked three times on Thursday when I taught my three classes. It happened at the coffee shop and the pet store. So yeah, I have a little experience with this story. Also, I hope you appreciate the photo. I’m right handed, and I had to take this photo one-handed using my left-hand.

On Wednesday, I had the van serviced. I had found a highly-recommended service center that isn’t too far from where I do the majority of my tutoring. Even though my tutoring wasn’t until 4:30, I took a 9:00 appointment for the van and headed out with a bunch of projects that I needed to work on. I often bring my netbook with me when I have lots to get done, and Wednesday was no exception.

There is a great restaurant not too far away from the repair shop (and my tutoring location), so I decided to stop in for a late breakfast and some coffee, while I worked on a couple of my most projects that have the quickest upcoming deadlines. Breakfast was good, coffee was awesome, and my work was going well (in spite of the guy behind me who was talking someone’s ear off on the phone for nearly an hour).

socs-badge-2015I could feel myself hurling toward a possible fall. You know that moment when you know it’s going to happen, and there’s not a whole lot you can do. Still, the good news is I didn’t fall. There was a counter with a cash register on my flight path, so I hoped to be able to catch myself without falling. It worked, but the bad news is that when I hit, it was with the right sight of my body, leading with my right hand. I hurt my left hand, too, but not to the same extent.

The other frustrating thing is that no one saw it. I mean if you’re going to do this amazing dance where you save yourself from falling, you want someone to notice your valiant efforts. (Or you want to act like nothing happened, so I guess I got that one.) 😉

jjj-2016Anyway, I was determined NOT to go to the doctor or the hospital, or anything related. But within an hour, it was clear that the pain was a little out of the ordinary to just let it go without at least getting it checked. So I headed to walk-in clinic — a whole other story, I won’t put you through, but let’s just say, it involved four attempts. Anyway, the x-rays showed nothing broken, but some significant soft-tissue damage. And the news held even when the radiologist reviewed the x-rays the next morning. Good news.

So while it’s a bit inconvenient, I get to make this cute fashion statement for a week while I take pain meds (which  I haven’t needed to the full extent of the prescription, thankfully). And in the meantime, I am involved in a few more conversations than might otherwise be the case. A couple more days, and I can take the ace bandage off and start using two hands again.

What a week!


This post is part of SoCS and JusJoJan Day #16

12 comments on “What Happened? SoCS 1/16/16

  1. It’s Murphy’s Law, isn’t it: When we do a full-on faceplant into the pavement, there’s an audience of hundreds. But when we save ourselves from a fall with balletic grace, no one notices! Aargh. Well, I’m glad at least that you didn’t injure yourself more severely. In the meantime, I think you’re entitled to milk every bit of sympathy you get. 🙂 Sending speedy hand-healing vibes your way, Deborah!

  2. So glad you were able to catch yourself and prevent further injury. Whenever I have an injury that’s visible like this and receive lots of questions, I’m always tempted to make up a more colorful back-story than reality, but I never do it.

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