One Year and Counting

anniversary-1xAccording to WordPress, the first anniversary of my blog was September 14, but I didn’t publish my first post until a year ago today, November 2. So this is the day I’m celebrating as the one-year anniversary of my blog.

For the first five months of blogging, I posted twice a week on a pretty regular schedule–Tuesdays and Fridays. Occasionally, things would be adjusted a day or two from that, but in general, I was consistent. In April, I started falling off the schedule for reasons that don’t really matter. The fact is that after just four posts in April, I would not post again until September. For four months, the number of my posts stood at 49.

Many things changed for me over the summer–primarily the way I think about things, and I knew the blog would make a comeback. In September, I slowly started again, finishing the month with five posts. Then, late in September, I saw an invitation to participate in a 31-day blog challenge. I snapped it up. You can read about my actual experience and what I learned from that challenge in an upcoming post, but the bottom line is that I made it–31 posts in 31 days. And it has led to new discoveries about myself, about what I want, and about what intentions I will make for myself over the next year.

As I begin my second year of blogging, I have expanded my vision about what this blog can be–about what my life can be. I’m less concerned about figuring out a specific identity for it or limiting the ideas and themes that I explore. I want to be open and just see where it takes me. I want to dream big, so that when I look back on my second year of blogging, I may just discover that my life exceeds anything I could have imagined.