Listening In Color

Color picture

(Photo credit: @Doug88888)

I’d like to introduce you to an interesting group of people who’ve started a musical challenge among themselves. They take turns choosing the themes, such as protest songs, wolves, mountains, travel, and other interesting concepts. Check out their lists on Colours and previous themes at (who chose the Colours theme),,, and, In addition to their great music selections, they don’t limit the fun to themselves. They invite others to join in and submit their own lists.

With today’s theme, I just had to take the plunge. I enjoyed the creative exercise of making a list of possible songs and deciding which ones to include. Sometimes, I forget to keep enough music in my life, so this was a good reminder to surround myself with music. Thanks, again, to those listed above for the wonderful inspiration. And now, for my six colour-themed songs.

Color My World

In addition to fitting the theme of Color, I love the flute solo in this song from Chicago.

Lady in Red

I had a couple ideas of songs with specific colors. In a world where it’s easy to take people for granted, I like this expression of gratitude for his gratitude. It’s intimate and romantic without overt sexuality.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I selected Judy Garland’s rendition from the Wizard of Oz because I’ve used this movie in various writing projects over the years. This is probably the movie I’ve watched most often. For me, the juxtaposition of black&white and color in the movie adds to the theme of color in the song.

Colors of the Wind

What would the wind look like? Painting with the colors of the wind calls forth both imagination and responsibility. I like the challenge of this song, to change the way we view the world and to accept our place in that world without the constant need to control it.

True Colors

I like the use of the idiom, showing one’s true colors. Don’t be afraid to be who you most truly are. Being less than we are dims the brilliance of the colors that could be shining through our lives.

It’s a Wonderful World

There are so many great references to color combined with an upbeat message in this song. In addition, it is one of the songs that has been done by Playing For Change, an amazing organization that is using music to change the world. You can check them out at Also check out this review: Playing (Great Music) for Change.