Discernment: One-Liner Wednesday

dance with Doug

Discernment is a dance of knowing when to tap loudly across a stage in charisma and when to soft step a delicate ballet across the ice that only comes with the experience of trial and error. 


This week’s quote comes from Lisa at Underground Energy.



This post is part of One-Liner Wednesday and is my post for Day 6 of JusJoJan.


A Magical Night of Dance and Culture: Then and Now

Tomorrow evening, Rena and I are going to the evening performance of Shen Yun. Here is the trailer:

Last year, I ended up getting an email inviting me to check out the performance. A similar trailer captivated me, and I was hooked. I had recently discovered through a round of list-making that dance was something I missed from my past, and this was the prefect opportunity to reconnect. I had no idea just how deeply I would connect: I got caught up in the festive surroundings of the performing arts center, in the performance itself, and in the fun of chatting with a few of the musicians afterwards at a near-by coffee shop.

Although I never posted after the performance last year, I wrote some notes. I wrote about how the first half of the show immersed me in color, props, music, and the seemingly impossible movement that the human body is capable of. Every time the curtain opened, I was captivated by the movement of form and color. The costume designers, the choreographers, and the dancers brought together color, light, and movement to create moments that were nothing less than magical.

In the second act, something went deeper and I began to see the connection between what I was seeing on stage and what can happen in quilting and other visual art. I was reconnected with the part of me that loves colors, patterns, and textures, even though I’m not always sure how to put combine them to match my inner visions. But I felt my mind totally stimulated by a whirlwind of possibility. I like to think that maybe I’m becoming a little more confident about blending these elements into the ideas I have for my quilting and how to make visual movement possible through such combinations.

I knew from the first moments of last year’s performance that I would go again this year. I kept an eye out for the posting of the schedule. And now it’s here. Less than 24 hours from now, I’ll be experiencing that magic again. I wouldn’t be surprised if this time, you might get to read about some of the details. In the meantime, I’ll have sweet dreams of the wonders that await me tomorrow evening.

Wishing and Hoping (Musical Theme for November 27)

Wishin’ and Hopin’

A light-hearted beginning, to put me in the mood of wishin’ and hopin’ and thinking of possibilities. This came out before my time and has recently made a come-back. I also heard a lot of 60’s music later in life.  🙂

My Wish (Rascal Flatts)

This selection and the next were recommended by my daughter/collaborator Kate. She may be joining in on some of these challenges later on, but for now, I still can reap the benefit of her musical interests.

I’m Wishing on a Star (The Tenth Kingdom)

Wishing You Were Here (Phantom of the Opera)

This song makes me think of the times in my life when there was something I wished that could be other than the way it was, but wishing was not going to make it so. Yet they were too powerful to just push away. The expression of the longing was painful, but necessary. It can lead to new resolve and intentions that bring a new direction that is even better than what I thought I wanted.


My daughter also sent this one along, and I couldn’t agree more. The song has always been powerful, and this cover by Glee takes it to an even more amazing level. I am moved by the pure emotion of this rendition. If you can imagine it, it can be. And sure, realistically, we know that many of these things won’t happen anytime soon, but without hope, we have little reason to go on.

I Hope You Dance

In the end, this is my fantasy, my fondest hope is to inspire others: my children, my students, my friends, anyone who is searching for more in their life. Anyone who dreams of dancing, or of writing, or of being an artist, a scientist, a teacher, or an engineer. It doesn’t matter, as long as they find their way to being the best at what it is they want to be and not simply settle for what’s easy. If I can help someone find their way to a life of purpose and fulfillment, then I will have my wish. This song captures that for me.

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