Three Things Thursday: Also a Day Late! (BUT definitely worth it!)

snoopyThis week has had a couple frustrations and minor setbacks, but I’m getting back into the swing of things, even if I still have to keep my hand bandaged for another few days, but that’s a story for tomorrow.  🙂

This post is about three great things that have happened this week, in spite of the other stuff. And these things are helping me move in the right direction for 2016, so it’s turning out to be a good month overall.  So here are my three things for this Thursday (even though it’s late).  🙂

First up: I got the lease for the house so that I could start putting things in my name. I also was able to set up a time to view it and take pictures later in the week (see #3). Having the official paperwork set up for February 1 is quite exciting. We will soon be in a home where we can settle in and get back into building a life together. And it’s only a ten minute drive to the university — WITH traffic.  😉

And then Dave decided to wait on the moving van until spring weather and decided that he really needed to be here with some of the other things that are going on. Plus, it will be great to move into the house together. SO he investigated bus schedules, and three weeks from today, I will travel about 40 miles to pick him up from a bus station. He has to transfer in Chicago and in Detroit, but he’s doing it because — did I mention — he’s all kinds of awesome. He bought the ticket last night. To say I’m excited would be a huge understatement!

And last: today was the long awaited viewing of the house. It’s got all kinds of space and levels, and you’ll have to wait to see pictures when I have better lighting and more time, but let’s just say, it’s a Thursday thing for sure! I’ve picked out my office/sewing area, and I am looking forward to moving in and living and getting to work. And of course, we will finally be able to give my piano a home again!


If you’d like to join in Three Things Thursday, check it out over at Nerd in the Brain. This post is also part of JusJoJan for January 14. I WILL catch up.  🙂


Three Things Thursday: The New Year

three-things-thursday-widget-badgeI’ve had a lovely three weeks with my husband and his sister here in Iowa. That makes me smile, even though getting on the plane to head back to Michigan does not. Well, that’s not entirely true. I am looking forward to getting back and seeing my daughter and grandson and my parents. I am even looking forward to getting started with the new semester and meeting my new students. So even though it will be hard to leave David behind, I can smile about all the great memories from our time together.

On a related note, the second thing that makes me smile is that I got to play a part in helping the sorting and de-cluttering process here at his sister’s house. Yesterday was the day Salvation Army came to pick up the first load of stuff that she’s been wanting to get rid of. With all the furniture from the basement and the bags of clothes, and the stuffed animals, and boxes of video tapes, they pretty much filled the van. Whether or not she ultimately moves is immaterial; the place is now beginning to become more her own. After Salvation Army left, Dave and I wrestled the sofa from downstairs up to the living room. With the bulky furniture out, and the streamlined versions in, we got to surprise her when she came home from work. Well, she knew that Salvation Army was coming, and she had told us what she wanted to go and about wanting the sofa brought up, but while we were the ones making it happen step-by-step, she was able to come home and just see the results. I couldn’t wait! And the smile on her face was worth all the little aches and pains we felt this morning.

The third smile is that because of #2 above, we have shaved some time off of how long Dave will need to stay in Iowa. Dave will still need to have Salvation Army back one more time (I know it’s hard to believe with everything that went yesterday), but he aims to get that done next week. But with any luck, he’ll be home by mid-February or even sooner! And that’s definitely something to smile about!

This post is part of JusJoJan and Three Things Thursday.