Home for the Holidays – Music Theme for December 25

Thanks to my students who remind me that home is where your heart is; you hold a very special place in my heart.

Thanks to all of my friends, both in the US and here in Taiwan, who make me feel welcome and appreciated wherever I go. Even during rough times, your friendship and support keep me going and get me smiling again. 

Thanks to my family back in my country of origin, my parents, my siblings and their families, and my children and their families. Because of you, I have cherished memories of the time we spent together. No family is perfect, but we had some wonderful moments and experiences. 

And thanks to my husband, David, for helping me make a home away from home.

It is in the spirit of what we’ve shared in the past that I offer these selections about home and holidays, and what it’s like to be in a home away from home at this time of the year.


I’ll Be Home For Christmas (Bing Crosby)

I’m Going to Make This Place Your Home (Phillip Phillips)

Where Are You Christmas (Faith Hill)


Merry Christmas, Darling (Carpenters)

Somewhere in My Memory (Home Alone)

Homeward Bound/Home (Glee)

There’s No Place Like Home (Wizard of Oz)


Thanks to Collaborator for helping to find songs, some that are here, and some just enjoyed and put aside.

Thanks to my other fellow themists for welcoming me to this group and making this activity so interesting and rewarding.

19 comments on “Home for the Holidays – Music Theme for December 25

    • Hope your holidays are going well, Cate! Can’t wait to get caught up with the current deadlines and have a little time to get caught up here. Book 2 did go to press. I can breathe a little before starting production of Book 3.

      • No, haven’t really touched the quilt in over two weeks. However, the semester will be finished in two weeks, so I hope to finish piecing the top and cut out the pieces for one other project that I’ve been meaning to do. The semester break will hopefully be good to me. 🙂

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