Castle on a Cloud: A Musical Exploration of Clouds

I haven’t been participating much in the current musical projects lately, but the one about clouds jumped out at me. Partly because it fell on the C day of the AtoZ April Challenge. And even though I didn’t use it specifically for that post, I am happy to do a musical bonus and share a few songs I like that contain cloud references. Clouds have variety–shape, intensity, the weather they signal. The songs here show a similar variety.

It’s sunny here today, but that won’t stop me from enjoying a few clouds, including this first one, with its “clouds in my coffee.”

You’re So Vain (Carly Simon)

My cacophonous experience of last night had me wanting people to get off of my cloud, too. I could really understand the feelings behind this one. 🙂

Get Off of My Cloud (Rolling Stones)

The castle on the cloud holds the possibilities that seem so far away from Cosette’s everyday life. The castle welcomes no trespassers, no intruders. The castle provides hope for a better future, a future where she can be held and nurtured by a loving parent.

Castle on a Cloud (Les Miserables)

Check out information about the band, City of the Sun here. Even though there are no lyrics, you can actually picture the clouds parting. The energy of the song is intoxicating.

“The clouds have parted, I am free.” (City of the Sun)

There is mention of clouds getting in the way, but perhaps clouds are an opportunity to see new possibilities. Get a new perspective. Maybe needing to see them from more than just “up and down.”

Both Sides Now (Joni Mitchell)

Do Nothing Day: Phineas and Ferb

Here’s a song where clouds are just light and fluffy, representing fun, freedom, and a chance to recharge.

Slow down. Look around you.
Put your to-do list away.
The clouds look like sheep and vice versa.
Let’s have a do-nothing day.

I’ll be planning a do-nothing day very soon. Something to do with quilting, no doubt.

Finally, thanks to my daughter, Kate–the Collaborator–for helping me brainstorm cloud songs and finding the YouTube videos. Thanks, Kate!


For other Cloudy music, you can visit:



19 comments on “Castle on a Cloud: A Musical Exploration of Clouds

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  2. Oooops, some sorta problem. Even with refreshing and reloading and re-linking I cannot “load” any of the videos except Phineas. I am familiar with the songs you picked, but I wanted to see which video versions you selected. 😦 I’ll try again another time. I am glad to see your post … well what I can see of it at the moment 🙂 Hasta luego.

      • Dunno what you did, but it does all work now 🙂 I didn’t see City of the Sun in the blacked-out format, so the parting clouds analogy fits nicely 🙂 …. Three of these are the olden-days versions. 🙂 I first heard the Rolling Stones at a Senior Girl Scout meeting…. some time ago. Is Mick Jagger 70 something now? He still looks the same. ‘Twas a cloudy visit. Thanks. 🙂

      • When I put color and formatting on my titles, it messed up the links, so I reinserted them. I think you’re right about Mick Jagger being in his 70s now. But yeah, totally recognizable. Glad you enjoyed it. I’ll be checking yours out in more detail soon. 🙂

  3. My second graders sung Castle on a Cloud in their music program and I played the piano. It’s such a beautiful song. Good thing – it’s the only thing I’ve played in the last year. 😦

      • I had nine years of lessons then “quit” during college because I didn’t think I was good compared to the music majors. Finally took a piano class, for fun, my senior year. Sure was glad to have a music background while raising my kids, to be able to teach them and accompany them on their various instruments.

  4. I love looking at clouds, lying on a blanket in a field on a sunny day and trying to make shapes out of them – still a kid at heart. Great choice of songs and my eldest will give you a massive thumbs up for including Phineas and Ferb! 🙂

  5. Hello Deborah and anyone else paying any attention. Great selections for Clouds. Thanks for playing.
    I’m far behind the eight ball this week but–per Bear’s request, The next round is the music of / about a city of your choice. Any city anywhere. Here’s a few suggestions to get the brainstorming.

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